Monday, May 05, 2008

Killing Plastics

Kill plastics before they kill you.

Of late, I have been caught in a grip of fear about what the innumerable plastic containers and wrappers might do to me and my descendants. I am so afraid that I am starting to make a switch to non-plastics especially for use with food.

Some good articles which I am using as kick starts:
Alternatives to Plastic - PAUL GOETTLICH
It’s Your Choice

In my immediate plans are to junk my expensive Tupperware lunch set. I will use it for storing non-food items for the time being. The replacement would be good old stainless steel.

I will write a follow-up post after a couple of months or so about the changes that I will have made by then. I would be extremely grateful if you can participate in my journey to the land of Non Plastica. Post your ideas as comments in my blog. Email me with whatever information you have. We need to find ways to avoid plastics in the context of an Indian kitchen.


vig said...

Ananth, why throw your tupperware if you are re-using it ? If you are hinting a plastic related health hazzard , include a link please.

xyzabcd said...

corelle products are good, break free, microwave safe but bit costlier in India. you can use them instead of plastic. Just my 2 naya paisa :-)

xyzabcd said...

Oops, i realize I don't have blog account :-( how do i edit my comment ?
- Solai.

Deaths Head Roy said...

Hey AK!!!

When thinking plastic, why think only of what it can do to food stored in it rather than plastic as a whole itself. The damned material has invaded into every part of our lives and though we cannot do away with it completely, see beautiful landscapes littered with plastic.

Dump your plastic stuff. Make sure that you buy no more. Take your own cloth bag when shopping. Stop those Big Bazaar guys from giving you more plastic bags than necessary!!

Actually think we can talk about this...and push this idea further into the people

coolkrishnan said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I believe it is a kind of glass, but let me do some detailed check on it before buying, as I don't want to repeat the mistake I did with Tupperware.

I thought of taking this in 2 steps:
1. Remove plastic from my life:
a. all of them from kitchen
b. most of them from the rest of my life.
2. Start a campaign among friends.

Is n't leading by example the best campaign ?

I am glad we think on same lines.