Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anti Plastic Steps

Steps I have taken so far to distance myself and my family away from plastics:

1. Replaced the of plastic containers used to store spices and condiments with glass
2. Stopped using all Melamine plastic kitchenware / tableware
3. Start looking at stainless steel and wood kitchenware with high respect
4. Stopped using fiber cutting board
5. Stopped buying pickles/sauces that come in plastic containers.

More to follow.

Besides this, our family took a collective decision not to buy the microwave oven.


Prem said...

By replacing plastic with wooden board, now you are contributing to deforestation.

Prem said...

Btw, I really appreciate what you are doing. This is a great initiative. Keep doing.
My previous comment was kind of misleading. If you purchase the wood boards that are not made from deforested wood, then it is really good. My comment was more on the emphasis on preventing deforestation and nothing to do with that specific wood board.
I believe, deforestation is a bigger problem today than plastics. Today so many square miles of amazon forest is destroyed everyday. Do you have any thoughts on preventing it? I believe those forests losts are lost forever.