Sunday, June 29, 2008

De-clutter ! De-junk !

We belong to the age of the great Junk.

Junk food
Junk email
Junk thoughts
Junk music
Junk household articles
Junk Documents - paper and e
Junk activities
Junk News in TV

Junk has hijacked our lives, denying us the bliss of plain existence.

I decided to eliminate as much junk as possible from my room yesterday. Started looking at my cupboard. Found many things that I could instantly send to the dustbin. Found many things that I could send to the dustbin after thinking for a few seconds. Yeah only seconds. I also found a box I had labeled as "Important Documents" a couple of years back. Determined to find at least one useless piece of paper, I examined the contents. Bingo ! Not a single "useful" piece of paper. How fast the perception of "importance" changes ! It contained mostly old credit card/bank statements.

Remember अपरिग्रह(aparigraha) ? See my earlier post for the philosophical angle of this.

I have regained some peace back.


Prem said...

To me, most of the new docs, mails are important. Anything that is older than a month or two mostly goes to trash. I generally try to keep the bank statements. Sometimes they may be useful since these stupid corporations might ask for it.
Another thing you can do is to opt-in for email based statements. I generally do that most of my bills. That way you just avoid dealing with waste paper. Also we can save trees :).

Prem said...

Btw, what is your obsession with anti-plastic? Recently Microsoft switched to no-plastic company wide and we have composte containers now for all glass, plate, spoon, fork etc. It's kind of cool.
But plastic has become part of our life, and can't get rid of them completely. We should avoid using one-time plastic wares. They are really harming the earth.